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Hi! My name is Vilhelm Prytz, also known as 'MrKaKisen'.
I'm a Swedish system administrator and developer.

I mainly do System Administration tasks (Linux), but I've also
coded in Python, Flask, HTML and more.

I mainly use Debian for servers and Ubuntu (or Ubuntu based)
for all of my computers (I'm also very familiar with others).


MrKaKisen DNS

System Administration

Managed Web Hosting

Built across the world, MrKaKisen DNS is an advanced DNS service
for both individuals and companies.

All systems and servers need system administration to run safely
and at the best performance possible, without hiccups.

With Managed Web Hosting, I will manage your site and make sure
it's always up-to-date.

With full IPv6 support and servers with many different providers,
we belive we have one of the most reliable DNS services out there.

With System Administration, I will install software, fix bugs
and help configuring applications on your server.

MrKaKisen DNS included. Contact me for a quote.

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Whatever it is, I have a lot of experience with Linux.
Contact me for a quote.